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How NVBGR works
Our goal at NVBGR is to make your traveling experience easier when traveling to the Napa and Sonoma Valley with your children. We know you will see in our customer service, that YOU are NVBGR's first priority.

Our Products
NVBGR has taken time and care in choosing safe baby gear that MEETS OR EXCEEDS ALL FEDERAL SAFETY REQUIREMENTS. We are concerned parents, just like you; we want what is best for our children. That is why we have chosen to go with trusted brands and proven products. All our baby gear is registered with the manufacturer so we are always offering baby gear that is free of recalls. All equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized using non toxic products before delivery, and transported with a cover to prevent anything from getting on them while in transit. 

What you see is what you get
Unlike almost every other Baby Gear Rental company around the U.S., we don't just show you a category with a generic picture and let you know we will be delivering an item that we feel is LIKE the item described.  As parents, we know that you know what your child's needs, likes and dislikes are better than anybody. So we have decided to stock our inventory with ONLY products that are pictured on our website. What you see and read about, is EXACTLY what you get! Most of our products are gender neutral.

The Importance of a Reservation
Because the Napa and Sonoma Valley is one of the most traveled areas in the U.S., our services and rentals are in high demand. We HIGHLY recommend reserving your rental needs in advance to ensure the items you want are ready and available for you upon your arrival. Especially during Holidays. Plus with everything else you have to do to get ready for your trip, having NVBGR checked off as "done" on your to do list makes it one less thing to do at the last minute.

Holiday Deliveries
As you can imagine any holiday season can be a very busy time for NVBGR. Because of NVBGR's high demand during these times we have had to set some delivery restrictions to ensure family time with our children.  Rather than charge ridiculous delivery charges for holidays, like many other companies, we do not charge extra for holiday deliveries as long as they fall within the time ranges and locations listed below.  If your potential delivery is on one of the holidays listed below and does not fall within the listed times please call for your holiday rate. We HIGHLY suggest having your delivery made the day before the holiday, as one night of rental charges usually is lower than the holiday delivery charge.Any orders placed on noted Holidays outside of the designated delivery times and restrictions will not be honored without rescheduling to listed times, and are at NVBGR's discretion.Please Call us at (707) 853-8284 with any questions about holiday deliveries. 

Time Available
Delivery/Pick up Restrictions

Mother's Day 2016

 Sun May 8, 2016

NO Delivery/Pick up

 Father's Day 2016
 Sun June 19, 2016
 No Delivery/Pick up
 4TH of July 2016
Mon July 4, 2016
 9am -  2pm
Napa Co only after noon

Halloween 2016

 Mon. Oct 31, 2016
9am - 2:00 pm
 Napa Co only after noon

Thanksgiving 2016
Thurs. Nov 24, 2016
No Delivery/Pick up
Christmas Eve 2016
Sat Dec 24, 2016
 9am - Noon
Napa Co Only

Christmas Day 2016

Sun  Dec 25, 2016
No Delivery/Pick up
New Years Eve 2016
 Sat Dec 31, 2016

9am - noon

Napa Co Only
New Years Day 2017
 Sun  Jan 1, 2017


No Delivery/Pick up
Same Day Service
Same day service is available through NVBGR. Of course same day service is completely dependent on availability. NVBGR always tries to meet the customers needs. Because our website is accessible on smart phones, i phones and i pads we do ask that you put a quote through on our website, and give us a call at (707) 853-8284. We will then be able to look at exactly what you are requesting and your delivery location so we can let you know very quickly if the order is possible. If the order is approved by us we will direct you to sign your contracts and make your payment. All same day services must be paid in full at the time or order and do not qualify for refunds if canceled. Please call us at (707)853-8284. Because of our companies high demand we do have to "fit in" same deliveries around orders that were placed and scheduled ahead of yours, so please understand that we always attempt to meet all your requests when possible.

Accepted forms of payment

Rental Deposit
In order to hold your reservation, NVBGR requires a non-refundable $10.00 deposit on all reservations. Until  the deposit is paid, and contract are electronically signed,  your transaction will be handled as a quote, and rental items will not be on held or barred from others reserving them. Most of our customers pay for their rentals in full at the time they make their reservations, but if you choose to only pay the deposit, NVBGR will charge your credit card on file for the remaining balance due at 12:01 am 2 days before your scheduled delivery day.   Reservations that are not paid in full 48 hours before delivery, or have not signed the liability waiver and contract, will not be delivered and the rules of the late cancellation policy apply.

Extended Stays
If you are planning an extended stay for more than 14 days and need rentals please contact NVBGR and we would be happy to quote you extended stay rates!!!!

Informing where you are staying of your rentals!!
If you are staying at a resort, hotel, B&B etc , please let the front desk or concierge where you are staying know of your impeding rental delivery and pick up. In most cases the hotels will allow us to deliver your rentals directly to your room before you even arrive, but all do ask that their guests let them know this will be happening. Also keep in mind the check in time of your location when requesting a time for your delivery. We shy away from delivering items to locations that are being cleaned as we are bringing highly sanitized items into a location when dirt etc is being kicked around.  If they will not let us deliver directly to your room, the items will be delivered to the concierge desk or front desk. If you are staying at a local home please be present for delivery or designate in your order a secure area where these items can be delivered. Please remember that the Renter is responsible for any lost or stolen items, so please pick a location where these items will be secure.

Delivery Charges
 Delivery charges are based on the distance to your delivery location. But don't worry, we have the LOWEST PRICES in town. Please fill out our instant quote page to get a quote on your rentals and to find out what delivery charges apply to your order. The delivery charge covers BOTH the delivery and pick-up of your rentals.
*Delivery Charges on holidays or outside normal business hours may be extra.
Delivery Outside the Napa and Sonoma Valley
Where we are traditionally servicing the Napa and Sonoma  Valley, if your location falls outside our normal delivery area please email us or give us a call at (707)853-8284 and we will discuss options for delivery and charges for your area.

Some of our rental items do require batteries. These items needing batteries are notated when renting the equipment. NVBGR provides the first set of batteries that are needed for these rental items.

Cancellation Policy
AtNVBGR we understand that there are times when vacations get canceled. NVBGR requires a call or email by 12:01am 2 days before your delivery date to cancel without paying your cancellation charge. If you do have to cancel your reservation, and do so before the 48 hour mark, NVBGR will credit back any charges excluding the non-refundable $10.00 deposit for processing fees. If you cancel after 12:01 am 2 days before your reservation, You will be charged 50% of the total original rental.

NVBGR does not give refunds for early termination of your rentals.
Extending your rental
It happens all the time around the Napa Valley. You decide to spend a few more days relaxing and enjoying the hundreds of wineries, and decide to extend your stay. We get it, that is why we never left!! If you do decide to extend your stay we ask that you call us at (707)853-8284 no less than 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up time to verify with us that the items are available for the rest of your extended stay, and to adjust your payments and contracts. NVBGR will always do what we can to allow you to keep your much needed gear for the duration of your extended stay, but it is subject to availability.

Delivery / Pick up Change of Location
We do understand that there are times where you may have to unexpectedly change locations during your stay. Please call us as soon as possible to let us know of your new location so we know where to pick up our rentals. Because our delivery charge is based on mileage, any additional mileage due to change of location will be charged to the credit card on file.

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