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Baby Gates

Due to the risk of damage to doorways and walls at your rental location, we no longer rent tension baby gate. Please feel free to call (707) 853-8284, and we would be happy to direct you to stores in the area that sell inexpensive tension baby gates.

North States Superyard
North States Superyard
The Gate-Child 26" High Superyard XT opens easily, so you can have access to your child. It is totally portable with a carrying strap included, so you get maximum convenience along with safety and durability. The weather-resistant Superyard can be used just about anywhere outside, and it's extra tall--26 inches high--so you can use it without worry. It encloses 18-1/2 square feet so your children can have a spacious play area. Each panel is 30 inches wide. This Superyard is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, so you can be confident it's dependable and safe for your kids. $8.00 / day $32.00 / week
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