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Welcome to NVBGR!!
Thank you for visiting our website! Napa Valley Baby Gear Rentals is a family-owned and operated baby gear rental service. As parents, we understand how hard it is traveling with children, and recognize the need for a convenience like NVBGR. So we decided to offer our services to the Napa and Sonoma Valley!  We are also very excited to be able to serve our wonderful Napa  and Sonoma Valley locals who have little travelers visiting. We are delivery only..so we come to you!!!
Honestly.... Don't you have to pack enough already??
NVBGR features top-rated baby gear from leading manufacturers that are convenient and user friendly. ALL OF OUR RENTAL GEAR MEETS OR EXCEEDS ALL FEDERAL SAFETY REQUIREMENTS. We are concerned parents, just like you; we want what is best for our children. That is why we have chosen to go with trusted brands and proven products.
NVBGR cares deeply about the Napa Valley community; our families have lived here for two generations... and we care about visitors to the Napa Valley area, also. We want you to have a memorable time on your visit!!
If you are looking for baby gear for a grandchild or other visiting little ones, and you are not quite sure what products are right for you...we would be happy to help! We also recommend talking with the child parents, let's face it, they know their children's wants and needs better than anyone!
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Here are some of the brands we carry:
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